13th October 2015 by emmadurnford

13th October 2015

So, today we headed out with no bags, no cameras, no credit cards! We both had limited cash and our phones. It was quite liberating and certainly a lot lighter than usual. We headed up to the Naval museum using one of the cities oldest funiculars and it was very interesting with the added bonus of English signage in most places. The views over the city were impressive including the bay. Chile is very protective of it’s coast - which is understandable as Chile is a very long and narrow country which has lost a lot of it’s original land to other countries. Most of it’s naval fleet is currently moored within the bay of Valparaiso and it is a criminal offence to photograph any of the ships... which is why I took this photograph of a submarine that appeared this morning!!

I used the DO lens (thanks @Padlock!) from our apartment on our return this afternoon. It was fascinating to see a number of crew permanently stationed on the outside of the sub’ and little boats on guard sailing around. There was also an aircraft carrier with literally dozens of jets and helicopters on board - I took a photo of that as well!

After our visit to the Naval museum this morning, we headed back to the port and took the metro along the coast to Vina de Mar. We had envisaged a small seaside town with a nice beach but it was not quite what we had expected. Like Valparaiso it was a large town with many high rises although it was much more affluent and in turn felt much safer. It took us quite a while to make our way to the actual beach and even then we were not able to access it. The buildings were mainly up market apartments with a feel of an American ‘out of city’ shopping mall. It was certainly interesting and it was nice to get a breath of sea air. We also so a lot of brown pelicans but not having a camera meant no photos.

Feeling quite tired we headed home to our lovely apartment. My plan for my photo today was in fact the amazing view over the city at night from our apartment - on the Sunday that we arrived it was pretty spectacular. However, an hour or so after we returned, the heavens opened and the rain was so heavy that it caused a power cut across parts of the city. It then created little fast flowing rivers along the streets and I realised my evening photograph was not to be! On a brief respite from the rain we scuttled out to the same restaurant that we had discovered the previous evening and had another great meal. We also got chatting to a couple from New Zealand and it was great to swap travel notes.

I‘m feeling pretty tired now - could be all the walking or could be the pisco sour and micro-brewery beer this evening!
I think it was all the walking. Glad the dso is working well. Take care.
October 15th, 2015  
Ooh! I am going to tell on you! ;) Love the thought of walking around unencumbered though.
October 15th, 2015  
Haha! It really is a special thing to see a submarine in action. I am glad you captured this one, and I am glad you didn't get caught!
October 15th, 2015  
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