22nd October 2015 by emmadurnford

22nd October 2015

Another glacial day for us with an early pick-up (or it was supposed to be but they were nearly half an hour late and we were worrying!) and then a 5-hour boat trip to visit a number of other glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park.

As an aside, I was wearing absolutely all of my thermal gear which came to about 4 layers complete with lined trousers! Colin’s balaclava did not get an outing (see earlier this year http://365project.org/emmadurnford/2015-365-projec/2015-01-13) as I had teased him so much about it but in actual fact it was so bitterly cold as we approached the Upsala glacier that it was difficult to focus the camera as my eyes were tearing so much. The lake water had frozen and the specially built catamaran had to break through it. This somehow was even more impressive than yesterdays visit to the Perito Moreno glacier if that is possible. We were floating between literally hundreds of icebergs towards a glacier that is one of the most active in the park. The boat crew even managed to haul up some ice for us all to hold and later to be used in drinks!

It was truly amazing. After the icebergs we continued to the Spegazini glacier which is one of tallest in the park. It is so difficult to photograph the glaciers giving a sense of scale. Occasionally another boat came into view - although I wish it had been in ‘photographers red’ for a truly impressive photo! It even ‘calved’ as we watched and a sizable chunk of ice the size of a bungalow dropped off creating massive waves. Unlike yesterdays boat trip, this catamaran had plenty of space all around outside and by chance the Canon users on the boat seemed to congregate together. What nice cultured people! We compared lenses and helped by moving around so we could all get the shots we wanted, quality company.

I cannot write that much more about todays travels - I’m hoping to let my photo of the Upsala glacier and icebergs do the talking!
Stunning Emma, sounds amazing.
October 25th, 2015  
Wow - beautiful! Thank you for all the information too.. Great capture! Fav for me..
October 25th, 2015  
This is quite incredibly beautiful Emma, would give it any number of favs if I could. Your postcard came while I was staying in Cambridge, Ont., so I didn't see it until yesterday, when I got back. Thank-you!
October 29th, 2015  
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