2nd January 2019 by emmadurnford

2nd January 2019

Sadly the fun is over as Mum and Ian headed back first thing this morning back to Cornwall. It was very quiet in the house as Colin had gone to golf - not that Mum and Ian are really noisy but for the past week and a half I have always been with a group of people and now the house falls silent.

Never mind, I kept busy with doing the washing, vacuuming up tree needles (although it has barely shed any), restocking up on milk and repairing the massive hole that the foxes decided in excavate right in the middle of our lawn!

This is not a creative shot - I've failed and we are only on the second day of the year! However, it is my Canadian wooden decorations from my friend Stephanie in Toronto in front of a small selection of our travel books... where to next this year?
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