22nd April 2019 by emmadurnford

22nd April 2019

Today is the day I had to face the dreaded meds for preparation for tomorrows ‘procedure’ at Kingston Hospital. In the morning I popped over for a last look at our exhibition at the Landmark Centre as it came down later in the day. It still looks good and the sunshine made St Catherine’s school exhibition really glow.

I walked slowly back and ate a small lunch of white bread sandwich (my last food for the next 24 hours or so) before the first dose at 3.00pm of one litre of what I like to call ‘Novichock’ along with another litre of fluid followed by the second litre at 7.00pm. I can truly say it was the worse thing I have ever drunk in my life and I had incredible difficulty in keeping it down. It started to work fairly quickly and then I could not leave the vicinity of the bathroom. Colin went to take my exhibition down at the Landmark and collect my sales money as I was in no fit state to do this.

By the end of the day I felt pretty washed out and resolved that whatever happens in the future I am never, ever going through that procedure again!
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