27th July 2019 by emmadurnford

27th July 2019

Well that was a surprise, it started raining heavily last night, all night and continued when I got up. I had set my clock for 7.20am but it was so torrential I decided to give it a miss and go back to bed - I emailed a photo of Jamie's extension roof as proof of the torrential rain to Colin in sunny Spain!

In a way it was a good thing to have missed the Park Run as I had a complete schedule of cleaning. I started on the living room and cleaned all the glass shelves, onto the dining room and a lot of vacuuming and dusting… brief lunch break then the big dusting. Spare room and dusting all the shelves with my ornaments and boxes. That took some time and then onto Mum and Ian’s room, making the bed up and dusting. I also managed to repair the two ceiling problems stemming from a shower leak and a radiator draining issues. They’ve looked pretty bad for some time but I managed to buy some special quick drying filler and after re-sticking the wall paper, I filled and painted it. It looks so much better - not perfect but definitely not so noticeable.

Then onto vacuuming the hall and stairs. It is at this point I stupidly decided to try and clean the ceiling above the shower. I only did this as it was on Colin’s ‘To Do’ list and I hoped it would not be a major job if I just got on and did it myself - big mistake. After carefully lining the shower tray with towels I climbed the ladder but lost my balance a bit as it moved on a towel and when I fell I managed to wrench the shower door (very delicate) out of it’s fitting. I’m gutted. I had to ‘fess up to Colin so he didn’t think anyone else had done it! I can see what’s happened and it doesn’t appear to have broken but I cannot get it back together again and ended up scraping my foot in the process. What a bad end to that was a really productive day.

To top it all, Sydney hamster is not happy with me either as I’ve cleaned him out and effectively trashed his home. I’m off to bed… apparently Colin and Ian have arranged for someone to come and try and fix it tomorrow… rather ruining my plans as I still have a lot to do but if he can fix it that will be brilliant as I’ve had to put Mum and Ian on warning that they will be using the top electric shower. I guess we are lucky to have two bathrooms, would have been a bit catatstrophic otherwise.
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