30th August 2019 by emmadurnford

30th August 2019

Two fun things today - firstly the coastguard helicopter flew in low over the house and unusually I had my long lens on. I rushed out the back of the house and down to the proms and saw that the lifeboat and inshore boat were both in the bay. At first I thought there was a rescue underway but I soon realised that this was actually a training session. It was great being able to watch the coastguard winch man lowered down onto the life boat and back up again. The helicopter flew in low over the prom and sadly I waved and got a wave back from the winch man who was sat with his legs dangling out of the open door!

We pottered for the day mainly waiting for the man to come and look at the dishwasher which broke a few days ago and who turned up late - unfortunately it looks like the main part has broken so Mum and Ian may need to get a new one altogether. Eventually he come and went and just after 5.00pm we walked down to the bus station at the other end of the town to catch the bus into St Ives. I was the only one without a bus pass and it seemed a little pricey at £5 each way. I was obviously subsiding all those non payers!

We headed into St Ives, being delayed for 15 minutes or so when the bus and a van could not pass emac other in a very narrow country lane. I was so glad we had not decided to drive there. Eventually we arrived and headed to a Private View of art by Mum’s friends. I liked the paintings the most which were very atmospheric. We also enjoyed a free glass of wine and Mum managed to blag about half a bottle sometime.

Afterwards we had planned on having fish and chips but the place that Mum had selected was full. However we walked down to the quayside in the crowds of tourists and found another place. We were told we would need to wait but in the event it was only for a few minutes or so. The fish and chips were well worth the wait and were delicious - as were the mushy peas!

We caught the bus back and thankfully this time it managed not to take in the entire of West Cornwall on the was home!
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