10th February 2020 by emmadurnford

10th February 2020

Our last morning in Spain but we did not have to rush to get up as the cleaner was not coming until mid-day. I cleaned around as I always like to leave the apartments tidy and took the rubbish out.

We went to collect the car which has remained for the past day or so in the lower level of the garage… another interesting experience collecting it as once in the massive lift, we could not get the door behind us to close. We were starting to panic as I was sure we were doing the right procedure, at the last moment the door closed and we started to rise up to ground level. As the door opened we understood why we had such a difficulty as there was a car waiting to come in with the driver looking equally annoyed. What are the odds of this happening at exactly the same time that we tried to leave - low!

I went back to our apartment for the last time whilst Colin remained in the illegally parked car in front of a garage and brought the suitcases down. We then headed out of Ronda for the last time using my phone for navigation which was rather challenging as there is a slight delay to the signal so when approaching big junctions it is very easy to take the wrong exit as we discovered. I had set it for a little town called Cártama close to Malaga and the car hire place.

We wanted lunch and there was a limited choice of places. With the option being one place we entered a hotel which was fairly empty. There was a ‘Menu del Dia’ on the table with about 6 options for each of the three courses. It turned out that this was just nine euros and that included a drink as well! Within half an hour of us arriving the place was packed, the service friendly and the food very good. A great way to end out trip and better than airplane food that we’d have to pay for anyway. This is Colin 'with dessert'!

The trip to the airport was rather stressful due to my phone navigation having a few seconds delay so we either missed a turning or overshot a turning at least three times. We eventually got back to the car hire place and I was very glad that I had photographed the car from all angles as the woman tried to pick up on a minuscule scratch that we had not done - nice try but I have the photographic evidence it was not us!

The last part of our journey was delayed for 1.5 hours due to the knock on effect of the storm yesterday in the UK but as the flight was still going we were thankful for that. Another full flight and another cramped time spent in the middle seat. We eventually got home at about 9.30pm - Sydney Hamster was pleased to see us.

Positive - A lovely last lunch in warm and sunny Spain

Footsteps - 5,840 Total footsteps = 85,909 (average of 12,272 a day or 7 days!)
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