19th March 2020 by emmadurnford

19th March 2020

It was a sad morning as we packed up and finally left Hester and Brian’s house in Horton in Ribblesdale in the North Yorkshire Dales. I feel like we have been in a little bubble up here with all the fresh air and not many people around. After we had left the house we stopped briefly at our favourite Booths in Settle for a few last supplies (and eggs!) along with sandwiches and snacks for lunch so we do not have to stop at a service station. Colin also suggested stopping at a service station on the M6 toll road as it would likely be a bit quieter. This seemed to be the case as we popped in for a ‘comfort break’ only before returning to the car for our Booths lunch. Shame as it seems a very nice service station. We made really good time on our journey down, only stopping once, Colin took the first stretch and I took the second for the last bit of the M6, then M40, M25 and M3!

I ventured out to M&S for something for dinner and after the relatively well stocked shelves in Booths I was shocked at the empty shelves. There was very little of anything left to buy, no fresh stuff at all - except one sad carrot. I eventually found 2 reduced price salads.

My photo club which like a number clubs has cancelled all meeting, trialled a virtual meeting using the Zoom app and software this evening. I have never heard of this before but it really was brilliant. At one stage 25 members including the Committee could all see and talk to each other. Our judge for next week also attended and we can see her screen so it should work. Fingers crossed (we also got to see Deborah and Peter Highton’s cat on screen!!
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