21st March 2020 by emmadurnford

21st March 2020

No Park Run today. Normally we are secretly a little pleased when the weather is bad and we can’t do it but when you know you cannot do something, for some reason you want to do it more! However as the usual turn out is around 1,500 people it is simply not a good idea.

Instead we drove to the golf club for Colin to collect his clubs before the club closes the changing rooms for the foreseeable future. The course will remain open and I think it could be a good place to have a walk in the evenings as there will not be many people as it is private. Whilst Colin collected his clubs I went to Squires to stockpile food and sawdust for Sydney. He has the last bag of Harry Hamster mix but will have to make do with a bag of Gerry Gerbil mix as back up - looks the same!

The new Lidl is open where Wickes used to be. Normally this would be quite fun to explore but we wanted to get in and out quickly as a number of people do not seem to understand the 2 meter rule, it has really good supplies and lots of fresh things. The in-house bakery looks looks lovely and with Portuguese custard tarts at only 49p very tempting but as they are open to the air and anybody’s breath, I sadly decided not to treat us to them. This is Colin maintaining the 2 meter rule and admiring the facade.

Our favourite Bar Estilo has now closed as a restaurant along with all other eateries but sent an email offered 50% off all there food and a £25 voucher towards a meal when all this madness is over. We made the big mistake of deciding we’d go for a last meal out/take-way and I printed off the menu and we carefully chose our favourite dishes. Big mistake. Clearly all the rest of Teddington were thinking the same as us. Between us and using our phone redial we literally dialled the number over 500 times - that is not an exaggeration. Eventually my phone was answered - I was excited. Oh dear, apparently there was already a virtual queue of over 100 people waiting for orders and the food had run out for the day. So salmon and rocket with a baked potato it was, not quite the same as patatas bravas, grilled halloumi, BBQ ribs, duck spring rolls and goats cheese salad!!
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