25th March 2020 by emmadurnford

25th March 2020

Day 2 of lock down.

Oh no - 6.45am alarm for us to get up ad out to Lidl today. We used this as our exercise session and it was a beautiful day. There were very few people out first thing which was a good thing as we did not have two keep moving out of the way it only took us 20 minutes to walk to Lidl.

Once there at 7.25 there were only a few shoppers in store most people were very observant about the new 2 meter rule however there were a few that had no idea at all and it was quite strange to have to tell people to ‘get back’. We decided to use the self-service checkouts - big mistake. There was no regulation of people and the other people that did pay there, had no idea about the distancing. Next time (if I have not contracted the virus!) we will make sure we pay at the main check outs to avoid any problems.

We walked back via Teddington churchyard and it was beautifully quiet with birds nesting and spring flowers coming out. This is where today's photo was taken, with a shaft of light for good luck hopefully. Once home we had we finally had our breakfast and Colin tested out his new garden shredder with all the garden waste he has created and found a peacock butterfly that must have been hibernating at the end of the garden.

This evening or rather I should say earlier today Colin tried out his hot-pot with a chicken that must have been in the freezer for a good few years. It was a new recipe involving five-spice and plums which sounds strange but it was absolutely delicious along with some rice. So ends another day in lock.down.

A total of 475 dead in the UK (up 242).
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