3rd April 2020 by emmadurnford

3rd April 2020

Day 11 of lock down.

We are running low on fresh supplies such as salad things and also needed some fresh milk so I decided to brave M&S today. It is a while since I last went and they really seem to have been working hard to put controls in place to keep both us and the staff safe. It was a bit of a queue which seemed long as we were all keeping a 2 meter distance between ourselves and the person in front and behind but actually moved quite quickly. Supplies are much better now with fresh food and even eggs although I still have quite a few of those from Booths in Settle as I bought two boxes of 12.

Colin has dug out the weather station I gave him about five years ago and decided he will have a go in putting it up on our garage. He was inspired when he saw my Brother-in-Law’s whilst we were up in Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago. We’ve put it together and the received seems to be getting a signal - tomorrows job is to actually attach it to the garage.

In the afternoon as Colin exercised to his 30 minute very loud ‘YouTube’ work-out I cleaned our little bathroom next to the bedroom. OMG - I am ashamed at the amount and thickness of the dust. I cleaned the window and although it’s a small room it took me an hour to clean - it is pretty spotless now.

I used some of my Booths eggs this evening when I made a rather delicious (although I say it myself) bacon and cheese quiche. I made it from scratch, blind baking the pastry first. There was some pastry left over, so in honour of my Dad’s birthday today - he would have been 77 (he passed away when he was just 60 years old) - I made a batch of twelve jam tarts as they were his favourite, with apricot and strawberry jam from Lidl. Happy Birthday Dad x.

A total of 3,605 dead in the UK (up 693).
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