2nd May 2020 by emmadurnford

2nd May 2020

Day 40 of lock down.

After the stress of yesterdays experience I had to buy the items I couldn’t get yesterday but I simply could not face M&S again so I queued up for the little Sainsbury’s. Who knew that the day would come when Sainsbury’s employ a large bouncer to control entry into the shop! It was not perfect but 90% better than yesterday.

Our third Iceland delivery arrived at lunchtime rather than the evening as booked which was a lot more convenient and they had most of what I had ordered as well.

We walked over the bridge in the afternoon to get a few toiletries from Boots and I thought this image of empty train tracks leading to nothing is rather symbolic of current times.

We had the remains of my rather good lock down chicken for dinner and then another Quiz… this lock down is starting to drag!

28,131 PHE total dead in the UK (up 621)
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