16th May 2020 by emmadurnford

16th May 2020

Day 54 of lock down

A nice day today although sometimes the house can feel colder inside than out. In the morning I planned an extension to our non-holiday to Spain. I hope we can go this time next year and with the money we will have saved, I am adding another 5-days on, to explore Extremadura!

We listened to Simon Calder as usual with our coffee outside today and Colin spotted our wood mice are back - probably never actually left! They live in our hedge and they had popped out to grab some of the pie crust I had put out for the birds. He/she came out again and again so I am planning to sit and wait with my camera and long lens tomorrow to see if I can catch them on camera!

We went for a walk a bit later today and I wanted to try the fish and chip shop we had spotted a couple of weeks ago on the Kingston Road. We walked through Bushy Park - the swans eggs have still not hatched. By chance we met (maintaining the 2 meter distance!) one of our neighbours. It was really nice to have a chat with someone different and she let me know about a Spanish class she is doing.

We walked across the pedestrian crossing of the bridge and everyone observed both the direction and distancing which was a relief. Highlight of the day was that I queued up whilst everyone observed the 2 meter spacing, and ordered a large haddock, large cod and chips with a side portion of mushy peas. It was so worth the wait. Generous portions, piping hot despite my rapid 15-minute walk home and absolutely delicious. Even better than the pizza last week. I think this could become a regular event even after lock-down. Look at this photo and try not to drool!

Rubbish television afterwards as we (well me) enjoyed the alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest that should’ve been happening this weekend. It was a nice bit of light relief.

34,466 PHE total dead in the UK (up 468)
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