20th May 2020 by emmadurnford

20th May 2020

Day 58 of lock down.

A quiet day today although I managed to get the washing done and dried in less than two hours as it was nearly 28 degrees with a slight breeze, rather like stand-ing in from of a hairdryer.

I was feeling rather low as I lolled in the heat of the day until Colin made a chance remark about our local Chinese take-away which has been closed since made March. I Googled only to find that it reopened yesterday and they have a new website online. It was possibly the high point of my day as I rapidly - or rather it took ages as I enjoyed the menu - chose basically exactly the same that we order every time plus a few extras. I set off first to buy beer from Sainsbury’s which it appeared was everyone elses idea as well as it was pretty full with the usual few people ignoring the distancing rules which made for frustration.

Mission accomplished as I left with beer (and a pack of Cornflakes) and I met Colin as I walked towards the Chines take away. They have installed screen and she was wearing a mask. I didn’t go in as I know the lady owner is fond of Colin which is why we always get free prawn crackers!! The food was as good as ever and tasted all the more delicious as I have not had to cook it!

35,704 PHE total dead in the UK (up 363)
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