22nd May 2020 by emmadurnford

22nd May 2020

Day 60 of lock down.

OMG - we are two months into lock down on day 60 and despite there being a few ‘easings’ such as meeting one person from another household whilst outside and exercising as long as you wish, it is still pretty similar to before. Stay in as much as possible and only go out when exercising or shopping.

Colin was at golf this morning so I baked batch 6 of my Cornish Fairings! I had a chat with Julia from Card Collection on the phone first thing and it was great to catch up with her having last seen her on the 20th of March… the day I should have been having my competition interview in Bristol. She and Roy are both well and her shop is open as it sells chocolates and sweets.

The big news of the day although it has been hinted at for the past two weeks is that from the 8th of June anyone entering the UK wither as a visitor or returning citizen must quarantine for 14 days. This will ruin the travel industry, ruin peoples plans and is in opposition to the World Health Organisations advice. A bad idea. Simon Calder had a field day in his live broadcast at lunch time!

The news just gets better and better. On this 60th day of lock down we learnt that Dominic Cummings - despite all the rules the public have been following - travelled over 250 miles to stay with his family when his wife and he had been diagnosed with Covid19. He is being called to resign. He must.

Later today on a less dramatic note, Colin made traditional New Zealand raspberry Lamingtons. We haven’t been allowed to try them yet as they need to set but they look excellent.

Mackerel in oats with apple sauce for dinner followed by the remains of my lemon sponge!

36,393 PHE total dead in the UK (up 351)
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