26th May 2020 by emmadurnford

26th May 2020

Day 64 of lock down.

My main task or rather it turned into the main task of the day was what should have been fairly straight forward to try an update my MacBook operating system. Unfortunately even after three sessions with online Apple chat over a number hours it was not solved so I have given up today and will try again afresh tomorrow.

The honey and bumble bees are going mad for our bramble flowers so it looks like this will be another good year for blackberries in a couple of months.

Totally unexpectedly, Colin’s crown that had caused him great pain whilst we were in Amsterdam last November just came out. He contacted his dentist who we know is doing emergency treatment but apparently someone reported them even though they haven’t done anything wrong so Colin had to call the NHS111 to register his problem. They eventually called him back in the evening and gave permission for him to contact his dentist - again - tomorrow to hopefully arrange treatment.

Despite being a tooth down, Colin still felt up to making an excellent lemon drizzle cake later in the afternoon.

A surprise visitor this afternoon - socially distanced of course - as Julia stopped by from the card shop in Molesey. She dropped off some cards and unsold calendars. The good news is that I have broken even and made a reasonable profit but I am not sure if it is enough to warrant making them again for next year. Julia also dropped off some rather nice Belgium chocolates left over from Easter which are delicious.

I made pasta and chorizo with tomatoes and mozzarella for dinner as it is fairly soft to prevent any more damage to Colin’s tooth post.

We went out into the garden later in the evening and got a brilliant view of the ISS passing over.

37,048 PHE total dead in the UK (up 134)
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