21st July 2020 by emmadurnford

21st July 2020

Day 119 of semi lock down.

Oh my goodness the roof man finally arrived on his fourth attempt - it was another early rise but at least he turned up at this time! He appears to have done the job and cleared the roof of moss and also the guttering and this was despite him being in the toilet for nearly quarter of an hour. We are very relieved to have finally got this job done as the gutter had been overflowing and causing some dampness in our living room which can now dry out.

I delivered a print that I have been trying to deliver for a couple of weeks to a woman who works with the lifeboat. Her house is amazing and she has a concealed purpose built wine cellar with two glass electronic doors and a step ladder down cylindrical space nearly 10 foot deep. She also has a gorgeous puppy called Suggsy (it was because he wee’d on the rug that I actually got to see the hidden wine cellar entrance underneath.

I had a 2 o'clock appointment at Fulwell golf course with Murray this afternoon. It was all rather strange Colin mentioned that he had wanted to discuss photographs with me and I was hoping that he intended to do this on a paid basis as goodwill does not pay the bills. I have thoughts through a number of questions with regard to what he actually wanted and the usage of the images however it was really strange as he doesn't seem to really want any photographs but was saying if I wanted to randomly photograph the golf course I could happily do so at any time he suggested I wear a yellow Jacket for safety and if I want a very early-morning access he can give me the key much as I like the golf course I can't imagine getting up at 5 AM to take random photographs of it I did feel it was somewhat of a wasted visit and I still cannot work out exactly what he wants

On the way back I stopped off in Tesco's as our friend Dave Cox is visiting for lunch tomorrow. Sign of the times is the discarded face mask on the ground.

We have not seen Dave for ages and we are really looking forward to catching up. Sadly Linda will not be with him as she is now in a home as she has dementia. I do hope that he does not have any bad news. Tesco's was not too bad and as I pushed the trolley the long way back to the car park, I was able to stop at the charity bookshop which has finally reopened and checked with them and they will be able to take our books whenever we want to bring them in. This is great news as they have been littering up the floor of the front bedroom in two large bags and I am looking forward to decorating soon with more floor space.

45,223 PHE total dead in the UK (as of 17th July)
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