26th July 2020 by emmadurnford

26th July 2020

Day 124 of semi lock down

Today's photograph was technically taken today but was actually taken during our walk home to catch the bus home yesterday evening so in the early hours of this morning! It is one of the local foxes, deciding to take local transport as he pottered off into Whitton station!

We had a bit of a lie-in today after our late night last night and then basically it was catching up with household tasks such as three lots of washing and also clearing the front bedroom a little as Chris will be coming tomorrow to help attach the cable neatly to the outside of house which we left dangling after fitting it at the beginning of lock down.

In the afternoon I decided to finally mount up the remaining four prints of my limited-edition montage. This took sometime but at least they are all finished now and hopefully I will be able to sell the last five after people have seen the framed edition at the Landmark Centre.

We still have the large television that we replaced from the living room after months of moving it around the bedroom in a large box as it is always in the way. After we fiddled around we decided that we could actually use it in the back spare bedroom this means that we could finally get rid of the massive box for recycling and hopefully we can sell the other television which works perfectly well though Gumtree.

Update on the general situation here in the UK - although some places such as restaurants and cafes are gradually reopening, we have just heard that Spain is all of a sudden downgraded in the travel list so all the poor travellers who patiently waited for permission to travel and then specifically to Spain, will not have to quarantine on their return for 14 days. It is wholly ridiculous as our own rates are now plateaued and starting to increase so we are in a worse position than Spain.

45,752 PHE total dead in the UK (up 14 today)

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