29th July 2020 by emmadurnford

29th July 2020

Day 126 of semi lock down.

Today I did the final card account at Teddington Waterstones and they too have a number of gaps in the display so I have around 150 to deliver over the next few days. I've also ordered another three friames from Kenro in Swindon so that I can frame an order I received yesterday and have a few spares in case I need to restock the Landmark Centre. I exchanged emails with someone who works at the Twickenham rowing club where I am hoping to gain access to photograph St Mary's Church and the riverbank for a commission. However, unfortunately our emails appear to have crossed and so it will not be an early start on Friday. Probably just as well as it was very hot today and forecast hotter over the next few days.

This evening I've enjoyed a cup of tea and a few naughty chocolate raisins, Colin’s crown came out again. This is so frustrating - obviously more for Colin - as he has had so many trips to the dentist to sort this out. He will have to try and get an emergency appointment tomorrow to fix it.

45,961 PHE total dead in the UK (up 83)

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