5th August 2020 by emmadurnford

5th August 2020

Day 133 of semi Iock down.

Colin was in a golf tournament this morning so I cracked on with a lot of paperwork. I scanned in all the signed delivery notes from my four deliveries and sent off a number of emails. I also ordered 1,00 greeting cards and 500 Christmas cards ready for a big card making session later in the month. There will be less to make up this year but still a fair amount and this year Colin has not gone to Murcia so he will have to endure two rooms filled with cards until I have finished the task which will take 3-4 days!

We had arranged a couple of days ago to meet friends on Twickenham Green as they are watching Brian’s home cricket team play. I really find cricket incredibly boring so I was not looking forward to it at all. We packed a picnic up that we had bought yesterday in M&S and plenty of cold drinks along with the picnic chairs. For some reason we both had headaches by the time we got there but no Paracetamol so I had to queue in the local chemist for a box.

To be honest we did not watch the cricket that much but had a good chat. I only really watched to make sure none of the balls came anywhere near me and indeed, one bounced out of bounds, over the low boundary and hit a passing lorry. We managed 2 hours until very sadly our parking ran out so we had to leave!

On my return I finished the paperwork and wrote the emails to be sent first thing tomorrow morning along with all my invoices and associated paperwork attached. I then framed the print that I’m delivering on Friday morning. Still no reply from the woman wanting to buy the print, the Vineyard Project or the Twickenham rowing club that I am trying to gain entry to… I am going to think about a Twickenham montage and a different charity in case Richmond falls through until I can come up with another deserving charity in the town.

46,364 PHE total dead in UK (up 65)
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