24th September 2020 by emmadurnford

24th September 2020

Day 183 of lack down.

The temperature has plummeted today but we still ‘manned up’ and headed over to Bushy Park for our morning couch to 5 km session. Then is rained heavily but not before we got home safely in the dry.

I called the B&B where we are hoping to staying for 4-nights over the weekend and start on next week and they are still open which is great news as I fear that we could be headed for another lock down in a few weeks. Rates of Covid19 are going ups everywhere around the country and in particular in University towns and cities. A new app has been released that we are all supposed to download to alert us if we have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid… problem is it only works with fairly new iPhones so for many people it is pretty useless.

This afternoon I continued the massive backing up and freeing up of iCloud for a number fo hours but everything is a lot more logical and all safely backed up.

Everything is starting to look rather bad again as we head into the autumn and winter.

41902 PHE deaths in the UK (40 today). Today has the highest number of new cases diagnosed since Covid19 arrived in the UK - 6,634
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