27th October 2020 by emmadurnford

27th October 2020

Day 216 of semi lock down.

We were supposed to go for a run this morning but yet again it was raining and so with very little persuasion we decided not to go out!

I had already made arrangements to deliver two prints in the morning - an unframed (first in a while) and a framed print not far from a delivery last week. The rain let up a little and yet again we got to see parts of Twickenham we’ve never seen before. I also popped into Waitrose again and this time they had Colin’s marmalade in stock. My chance I bumped into my friend Amanda as well. It was lovely to see her as we’ve not met in person since my last face to face photo club meeting back in March.

My photo frames had been delivered by the time we got home which is pretty impressive as I only ordered h about 25 hours earlier! In the afternoon I framed up the 4 orders and also put prints in the two spare frames as I’m hoping they’ll sell soon.

I’m leaving the labels until tomorrow as it was too wet to spray mount them.
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