7th November 2020 by emmadurnford

7th November 2020

Day 3 of lock down 2 (day 227 since the start of the 1st lock down)

Woohoo! I had my phone on silent this morning and woke to find a text message from Lawrence the jeweller - he is working in his shop today and he is happy for me to visit (with mask) so he can cut off my ring. I am classing this as an emergency as my finger is now pretty swollen. An excellent excuse to avoid going for a jog in Bushy park so I threw clothes on and headed out with mask. I am very conscious that this is probably not the right thing to do but I think it definitely needs to come off. I had no idea how he would do this but basically with an amazing little tool he made two runs of what looked like a large key on the side of a circular blade and the ring was cut… a quick pull apart with two pincers and my ring was off - such a relief. I had brought the lovely sapphire and Lawrence has put both in his safe so that I can go back for a refitting once the lock down is over and they will be safe and sound. It feels very strange not to be wearing for the first time in years but a relief to stop catching it and worrying.

As we had not gone to Bushy park earlier today, Colin arranged to meet Chris for a socially distance walk with Branston. I went in the opposite direction as the rules say only two people can meet up outside. Theres little logic if two people are from the same household meeting another but there you are. I walked towards the lakes in Bushy Park and was astounded. I have never, ever seen the park this crowded in all my years of visiting. Despite being on my own in a large open space it was difficult to maintain distancing between people and I did not stay there for long. I paused just briefly to grab a few photos of the Diana fountain at sunset.

After Colin and Chris’s meet up (I did say hello from afar!) we treated ourselves to an Indian meal from M&S and a beer!
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