6th July 2021 by emmadurnford

6th July 2021

1 year, 102 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

This week is shaping up to be quite a rubbish week.

First task this morning was to count cards at Twickenham Waterstones at long last and an informal meeting with he Manager. This was painful as she has absolutely no understanding of the history of my cards stocked in the shop (despite me giving her numerous spreadsheets and figures). My spinner is out the back as there are currently renovations going on - fair enough. My cards are now split between some on display and the rest in two plastic boxes behind the counter. I have been dreading this conversation and she is the sort of person who does not seem to pause for breath to prevent me getting a word in edgeways. What planet is she on? I made it very clear that I want my spinner back on the shop floor in August when the shop returns to normal.

After that enjoyable time we drove (in the pouring rain) over to East Sheen to collect my £240 glasses. I had a brief chance to test them reading small text and they were fine. However, on my return home it is very clear they have not been made up correctly and they are virtually impossible to wear when using the computer. The lens manufacturers have clearer put the dividing line far too high up the lens. Another couple of phone calls and they will be remade but I have to wait for a week so I am not not wearing any glasses for the computer.

More sad news is that Karen had to finally take the decision to have Maddie and Stanley put to sleep. They have beeb ill for some time and were quite old but it must have been very difficult to say goodbye to two of them. They now just have Kobi and the mad Lunar…

Not a good day. Raindrops on the glass… and in my heart!
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