15th March 2021 by emmadurnford

15th March 2021

Day 359 since the start of the 1st lock down

It was Chris’s birthday today but Colin had already seen him on the Saturday at Karen and Ian’s!

Out of the blue I received a text from our local Doctors surgery inviting me to book my first Covid vaccination. I was actually very excited and got onto he website straight away. I managed to make an appointment the very same week on Friday at 11.00am so no early start. I will be going to the Greenwood Community Centre in Hampton Hill which is where Colin had his.

I got the results of the blood tests I did at the end of last week and they made for somewhat interesting reading! Less than 50% are within the normal range and apparently I have high cholesterol which is a first. I have decided to contact me Doctor and ask for some to be redone under more clinical conditions than me trying to get blood into a small pot and making my desk look like a murder had taken place.

Another of our runs around Bushy park this afternoon. We are doing well in the fact that we have managed to keep to doing 3 runs a week for a few weeks now so something must be improving.
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