26th April 2021 by emmadurnford

26th April 2021

1 year, 32 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020.

A busy day today but I was determined to try and keep up the Bushy Park ‘trots’ so I made the effort to go out but did not go for the 5km and kept to one lap of the lower half of the Park run.

Afterwards I got ready, a bit of house keeping and then I was off to the Lensbury Club where I was meeting members of the Teddington Society for lunch. I have been setting up and running their Instagram account over the past few weeks and also helping promote the children’s art competition.

It was a beautiful day but still very chilly. We had a table outside and it was really nice to sit and chat with Jenny (who’s family I photographed last year), Liz and Peter White also runs the Twitter account. Food was ok although service was a bit dodgy with three attempts to get a simple order of 4 Americanos correct - poor Peter never did get his hot milk.

After lunch I was asked to be an honorary judge of the children’s drawing competition and we chose a good winner from each age category. The rest of my afternoon was spent mainly updating the Instagram account with the winning images. It’s quite impressive that there are now 409 followers, all of which are there because of the work I did.
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