1st May 2021 by emmadurnford

1st May 2021

1 year, 37 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020.

White Rabbits!

It’s May Day today and we celebrated in going up to town for another mud larking session, this time in Greenwich. I had planned ahead with tides, location of steps onto the beach and I realised that I will have to get right down the waters edge and so my wellies were going to get christened today. This is the Cutty Sark against the blue sky belying the chill wind!

It was a lovely sunny day in the morning although the wind was still bitterly cold. We searched for a couple of hours or so and although still no pipe bowls found, I did have a better session with a lot of finds to put in my new blue collapsible bucket. The beach is quite exposed and there was some unnerving deep mud in places that almost went over the top of my welly and I got a right boot full of water from the wake generated by one of the regular Thames clippers wizzing up and down. I must now be a proper mud larker.

We were doing well although I wanted to properly wash my hands before lunch despite wearing latex gloves this time. It is ridiculous that Greenwich has very few public toilets so in the end we took the DLR back to Heron Quays so we could visit the decent facilities in the underground shopping malls there. At this point the day went downhill.

The sky got greyer with a few spots of rain and the wind colder and as we sat huddled on a bench in gardens in Canary Wharf, Colin front tooth came right out when he was eating soft pasta. It is upsetting as he has such problems with his teeth yet really looks after them far more than I do. This rather finished the day and sit was getting very cold we headed back and the Jubilee line was getting busy as well.

I tried to lighten the mood in the evening as went out to get something nice to eat from M&S. Unfortunately as is the case most days, there was very limited choice and large empty spaces in the chiller cabinets. Despite that I found some Thai curries that would be soft enough for Colin and we cracked opened one of the large bottles of lager from lidl the other week.
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