27th May 2021 by emmadurnford

27th May 2021

1 year, 62 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

We headed over to West Ewell in the morning as the car was booked in for it’s last free service during our first 3 years of ownership. For the first time in ages it was warm and sunny. We had booked a courtesy car to avoid us having to hang around in Ewell as we had to last time during lock down 1 but unfortunately neither had remembered to bring a drivers licence so we ended up getting the train back home which was only about 15 minutes longer than if we had driven.

On our walk to the station we spotted a fox sunbathing on a grass bank, totally ignoring everyone passing by on the footpath.

In the afternoon, Colin had to head back by train again to pick up the car. I stayed behind this time as I was waiting for the Doctor to call regarding the new set of blood tests I had had after unusual results from the ones I had paid for. After a 20 minute wait she finally called and sounded very stressed and busy. Despite some results not being within the expected ranges, she doesn’t seem worried about any of them even though I thought my cholesterol was high as well as my blood pressure! The only one she is looking into further is my Cortisol which also did not seem to worry her. I still think some readings look out of range but as I have tried 3 times now to get them looked at and each time I have been told not to worry I am giving up!

Photo club in the evening which was judging PDI’s - fairly good judge.
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