12th September 2021 by emmadurnford

12th September 2021

1 year, 168 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

This was a big day as we had appointments for lateral flow tests at 11.00am which we need for certificates so we can fly. I took a test on Thursday before photo club which was negative but I have to say this test was very thorough. Fifteen seconds shoving a stick up both nostrils - thirty seconds in total. We received the negative results before I had even finished parking when we got home. That’s the first stage over with. All in all very efficient and nice staff. This is the Terminal 4 long stay car park trusting centre!

Chris came over in the afternoon to watch the Grand Prix and for dinner along with Branston. We took him for a walk over to Hamlands.

Later in the day after dinner it was time to check in for the BA flight. This is when it all got complicated. We could not check in until we had uploaded three bits of information to British Airways - a negative test certificate, no problem, our NHS vaccination certificate, not problem, the Portuguese Locator Form not easy as we could not complete it until we had BA seat numbers and we could not check in and get seat numbers until we had uploaded to form. Catch 22. In the end and against my better judgement I completed the forms using made up seat numbers. I could then upload this form to the BA website. We then had to wait for all the documents to be verified before we could check in and ao went to bed with no check in and incorrect locator forms. However, as I could not sleep I noticed the BA email come in at 12.30am confirming that our documents had been accepted and so we could check in. I got back up and managed to check in, print our boarding passes and then with the correct seat numbers I created new locator forms - result, all legal, all complete.
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