5th May 2022 by emmadurnford

5th May 2022

2 years and 39 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

Today we had planned to visit the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. Each year some time round mid May, all the azaleas and magnolias burst into flower and there is an amazing colourful display. Judging by posts on Facebook I could see that the flowers are about two weeks early this year. I picked up some sandwiches and drinks so we could take a picnic and we headed off around lunch time. Richmond Park is very big and it took us some time to drive around the the car park and judging by the number of cars, a lot of other people had had the same idea.

The Plantation was looking stunning and in particular the reflections of the flowers in the Still Pool. My aim was to photograph the Mandarin ducks on Still Pool and as if by order, there was a beautifully smart male mandarin swimming around, I think he was hopeful for food with such a crowd watching.

We then drove to Pembroke Lodge for the first time since lock down in 2020 and enjoyed afternoon tea with scones and cream at the same time as a wedding was taking place next door. It was now that I received an email from Kingston saying that there was an error in my count as many of my cards had been taken off display to make room for other cards!! I was fuming but managed to calm down to compose an email when we got home that should hopefully rectify the situation but I will send tomorrow so I can review if I have been too stroppy!

We finally drove back and then immediately headed out on foot to the local library to cast our vote in the local elections. We are a Lib Demo stronghold and I am sincerely hoping that we remain so.

Tonight I logged into a Zoom only meeting the photo club which was interesting with some great nature images.
Absolutely stunning with the flower reflections surrounding the bird.
May 6th, 2022  
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