12th October 2022 by emmadurnford

12th October 2022

Colin and I jointly decided that he really didn’t want to have the gliding experience that i had got him for Christmas. Time was running out on the voucher so it was fairly easy to swap it for another event. We decided on a posh three course meal for two at the Lochfyne fish restaurant. I found a bunch in Portsmouth so my new present (with an 18 month extended deadline) is a 2-night trip to Portsmouth to explore the museums and enjoy a meal at Lochfyne.

Later on I delivered the Christmas cards to Teddington and completed the paperwork for Kingston and Twickenham delivery over the next few days.

We also planned out Colin’s present to James for his 18th birthday next January which is a framed box set of his Great Grandfathers golf clubs. I think will look very nice - now we need to get quotes for the work. I also booked the restaurant for Colins birthday in Kew in a month time as it is very popular so we didn’t want miss out.
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