NAIL DAY by ericaleigh


Day 52 of 365

I'm not ashamed to say that for almost 12 consistent years, I've been getting my nails done by the same lovely lady. I've also come to realize that not only is it a time set aside, monthly, that I do FOR myself, but it has become one of the cheapest forms of therapy ever. My appointments last for roughly 2 hours, and Joan and I talk for the entire time. About her life, my life, her kids lives (hey Rose, Alex, Ellie lol), my next adventure, what have you. It's one of the days I look forward to every month and being creative with them is the best part.
Please enjoy my before/after Thanksgiving nails for this year! Not always this detailed and specific but always this well done. I named the turkey Henry, in case you wondered.
*disclaimer, no animals were harmed in this making of this.
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