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Time is a funny thing...like, when did it get so easy to take pictures?? The last time I did this, it was not as easy as point, shoot, post. I guess that goes along with the fact that I feel old saying I did a 365 project nearly nine years during my senior year of college. I am now in my third year teaching at a school for Autism - and I love it with a passion. I've discovered a lot about myself in the past 9 years - and turning 30 this year has led me to reflect a bit on all of that. Things and people are back in my life that I never knew would come back. Things and people are missing in my life that I never would have guessed would be missing now. I'm excited to see where this year of pictures leads - there are a lot of things on my list for this coming year. Sit back and hold on - I like adventures - come along!