An imperfect picture for an imperfect day by eudora

An imperfect picture for an imperfect day

The day began with news that the Check Engine light in one of our cars knew what it was talking about. The car may need a new engine, it will be in the shop for quite some time and warranty coverage is unclear. My 21-year-old granddaughter, who drives the car, was upset to learn that the dealer would not give her a loaner. The good news, if COVID has a bright side: her classes are mostly virtual and she works mostly from home. And she lives on the bus line.

Then Tropical Storm Beta strengthened into a hurricane headed toward New Orleans.

My one and only photo of the day was of this guy, a stink bug, I think. (I prefer the name pumpkin bug.) Our cat Evander scared him away before I could get a better shot.

After a lackluster dinner, my husband said, "What you need is a glass of wine." I already had one.
Sorry about your day, at least you had wine! Nice capture of the bug, I think!
October 6th, 2020  
Nicely focused and captured
October 6th, 2020  
Your narrative made me smile, well at least the end part! Cool stink/pumpkin bug. Looks even better on black.
October 6th, 2020  
I have never seen a better or more clear photo of a stink bug them this one! That being said the rest of your day was junk! I certainly hope you had that second glass of wine!
October 6th, 2020  
Oh, the dreaded Check Engine light! So sorry. Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th, I think, which is making me nervous this year. It ends on Nov 3, election day. Let's hope that's a good sign.
October 7th, 2020  
Great capture. Will keep all of you in our prayers
October 7th, 2020  
October 7th, 2020  
Your day reminds me of a Mary Chapin Carpenter song- Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Boy do I understand about being without a car for a long period of time- it's not easy!! At least you have some arrangements to balance that out- I was just without a car since there are no bus lines here. I hope the day has gotten better and that you will avoid the storm. Wishing you many stink-bug free days ahead!
October 8th, 2020  
This sounds like the kind of thing that frequently happens to me!
October 11th, 2020  
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