Mardi Gras by eudora

Mardi Gras

Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Shot with Pentax IQZoom point-and-shoot film camera.

I took 400 shots digitally and 24 on film. Rather than carry two big cameras, I chose a small film camera. I'd forgotten how hard it was to capture action on film! My thrift-store camera focuses so slowly that the moment was gone by the time the shutter released. I even had a nightmare that night that I was trying to shoot football and I couldn't get a shot. I keep thinking of all those great sports and action photos made on film with manual cameras, and I'm filled with admiration for the photographers. If I had the day to do over, I'd take a small digital and an SLR for film.
Fabulous action shot with the outstretched arms to catch the beads! Great color and very impressive that it is film!
February 12th, 2013  
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