Tank was positive that the professional headshots... by evalieutionspics

Tank was positive that the professional headshots...

...was all that stood between him and a starring role in the next Insectopia movie.

I found Tank upside down in the fountain last night. I put him on the side so he could dry in ready for today's shoot. To my dismay, when I went out this morning, he was gone. I found him again upside down in the fountain. I got him out, dried him off and proceeded with my first attempt at focus stacking. Then it began to rain. Not to be deterred, I took all my gear and Tank at a quick pace inside to my jewelry photography set-up. I added a rock to add mood. I took a bucketful of photos, and then the unthinkable happened...beetle zombiism. Seriously! Tank began to move his legs and his little mouth feelers and his abdomen and became completely uncooperative. I don't know what beetle zombies are like, but decided not to chance it, so I put him in the compost heap.

I replaced the background because what works for jewelry just didn't work for Tank. I had not done that before, so need to practice more. The focus stacking was not completely successful due to Tank's movement, but I am glad I tried the technique, and will definitely continue to try. CC is always welcome. Thanks for checking out my corner of the world.
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