Featherlight by evalieutionspics


I was playing with sliders in Photoshop again. It's kind of like a mad scientist having a whole shelf full of chemicals and a bench full of beakers and test tubes. First, she adds a bit of this, then she adds a bit of that, and before she knows it, she has this strange concoction which at any moment may blow or may save the world...but she has no idea how she got there.
Love this fav
August 27th, 2017  
So true - I currently love playing with the filter Simplify by Topaz
August 27th, 2017  
nicely done
August 27th, 2017  
I can totally relate.
August 27th, 2017  
The perfect description - of the artist at work, in a field of science. Playing with photoshop is fun, do you find it also acts as a time machine and hours go by in just a few seconds? Your feather experiments are working well.
August 27th, 2017  
Very cool!
August 28th, 2017  
@365projectorgdebbydavies Thank you very much!

@joansmor Thank you! I will have to research that.

@caitnessa Thank you very much!

@helenhall Thank you so much! I do find that I can spend much too much time on the computer. When My Guy is home I am especially conscious of my time, so try to do the minimum of editing. But he played golf, so I splurged!

@moonmtn Thank you so much! Lol!

@loweygrace Thank you very much; I appreciate it!
August 28th, 2017  
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