Discarded Clothes by evalieutionspics

Discarded Clothes

It happens to the best of us; we "outgrow" our clothes. Daddy says the dryer shrinks them. 😊 Whichever it is, I sure am glad we don't have to hang them out on the clothesline for the world to see. As it is, I can just put them in the charity box, buy some new clothes and blithely go on my way secure in my delusion that no one has noticed.
I like the clarity of the praying mantis leftovers against the background. It was quite high up, so I wasn't able to get the best angle.
A bit 'creepy' excuse the poor pun!
September 21st, 2017  
I'm always amazed that the shape is left in tact. Must be a wriggle to get out. I like the background as well as the dangling outgrown suit.
September 21st, 2017  
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