Waiting with Open Arms

Penelope is getting bigger every day, it seems. Certainly, the dead bees hanging in webbing under her chosen flower would indicate that she is successful in her efforts in capturing her prey. As you can see if you look closely, there are bee hairs littering the flower and her body. The macro world is fascinating.
Amazing! The macro world is a wonderful place and Penelope seems to be in charge!!
posted March 12th, 2018  
It is isn't it. Well done.
posted March 12th, 2018  
posted March 12th, 2018  
She really does have a fascinating body, the likes of which I have never seen before. Amazing.
posted March 12th, 2018  
posted March 13th, 2018  
@Cherrill Thank you very much!

@hunnybee Thank you so much!

@huvesaker Thank you!

@helenhall Thank you so much!

@joysabin Thank you!

posted March 14th, 2018  
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