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Hello everyone! I am an architect. Photography is my hobby. I am interested in the topics of improving the habitat and ecology. My father and my husband are professional photographers.

I am very glad that I am here. Everyone is very friendly and nice. Thank you for that!

I'm from Siberia, but now I live in Astrakhan (near the Caspian Sea). But my father and grandmother still live in Siberia. I love the beautiful places there. I will add my favorite photos to instagram. As an architect, I work remotely all over the world, so I can't take photos of the implementations myself (for Project 365), so I post them on Instagram @evgeniamoskovkina
https://www.facebook.com/archmoskov - This is my. https://www.facebook.com/edward.skeeba - This one is of my father - he has published beautiful photographs of the nature of Siberia.

My site https://www.evgeniamoskovkina.ru/

I want to improve my english. I would be glad and grateful if you correct me if you see my mistake.

“I keep a 365project to help slow time down a little and find gratitude in the smallest most precious moments that are all too easy to blink and miss.” I liked this beginning. I started this project for several reasons. First, I changed my life a little, stopped rushing, allowed myself to relax and enjoy life, every moment. Second, I want to understand my feelings, what I like and what I don't. Third, I'm wondering if I can take good pictures.

Day 15: I realized one thing: Those beautiful shots that I left for later to photograph another day are no longer so interesting, the lighting is different, the plants grow, flowers fall, everything changes. Conclusion: don't postpone it. In life, too: I always put off something, not today, in general, there is no need to put off life until later. And a separate thanks to the community 365: Without your support, I would most likely have left the project on day 4. You are incredible!

A little more about me: I am an architect, I also do 3D visualizations. I work in many programs, create BIM projects, concepts, interior design projects, teach a little, help students. I do yoga, PoleDance, table tennis, I also like dancing, singing (but I rarely do this). I am interested in the topics of improving the habitat, permaculture, ecology, a happy lifestyle, health, psychology, beauty around, and of course photography :-)

June 2, 2021: Today I have been with Project 365 for almost a month. I am infinitely glad that I am here. Looking back at the past month, I can easily remember events from pictures, it turns out I see my life in pictures. It is easy to analyze what I like and what not, whether I like my life and what I would like to change and why. This is interesting, there is something to think about. And I am very grateful to the community for their support, comments, advice, it helps to see from different points of view.

Day 365 :-) My year in photos. What can I say about it?
1. One way or another, it was very rich in sensations, impressions, events
2. For the first few months I was looking for beautiful interesting shots and was afraid to miss something. Then the frames themselves found me.
3. When you live life to the fullest, you find a lot of interesting things in every day.
4. But when you plunge into the routine with your head, life flies by monotonously, uninterestingly and too quickly, you don’t even have time to enjoy life.
5. The most valuable thing here is a kind community, it's nice to come back here, look at cute cozy photos, nature, our world is beautiful, and I admire people who see the beauty of the world even in simple everyday things.