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Hello everyone! I am an architect. Photography is my hobby. I am interested in the topics of improving the habitat and ecology. My father and my husband are professional photographers.

I am very glad that I am here. Everyone is very friendly and nice. Thank you for that!

I'm from Siberia, but now I live in Astrakhan (near the Caspian Sea). But my father and grandmother still live in Siberia. I love the beautiful places there. I will add my favorite photos to instagram. As an architect, I work remotely all over the world, so I can't take photos of the implementations myself (for Project 365), so I post them on Instagram @evgeniamoskovkina
https://www.facebook.com/archmoskov - This is my. https://www.facebook.com/edward.skeeba - This one is of my father - he has published beautiful photographs of the nature of Siberia.

My site https://www.evgeniamoskovkina.com/

I want to improve my english. I would be glad and grateful if you correct me if you see my mistake.

“I keep a 365project to help slow time down a little and find gratitude in the smallest most precious moments that are all too easy to blink and miss.” I liked this beginning. I started this project for several reasons. First, I changed my life a little, stopped rushing, allowed myself to relax and enjoy life, every moment. Second, I want to understand my feelings, what I like and what I don't. Third, I'm wondering if I can take good pictures.

Day 15: I realized one thing: Those beautiful shots that I left for later to photograph another day are no longer so interesting, the lighting is different, the plants grow, flowers fall, everything changes. Conclusion: don't postpone it. In life, too: I always put off something, not today, in general, there is no need to put off life until later. And a separate thanks to the community 365: Without your support, I would most likely have left the project on day 4. You are incredible!

A little more about me: I am an architect, I also do 3D visualizations. I work in many programs, create BIM projects, concepts, interior design projects, teach a little, help students. I do yoga, PoleDance, table tennis, I also like dancing, singing (but I rarely do this). I am interested in the topics of improving the habitat, permaculture, ecology, a happy lifestyle, health, psychology, beauty around, and of course photography :-)

June 2, 2021: Today I have been with Project 365 for almost a month. I am infinitely glad that I am here. Looking back at the past month, I can easily remember events from pictures, it turns out I see my life in pictures. It is easy to analyze what I like and what not, whether I like my life and what I would like to change and why. This is interesting, there is something to think about. And I am very grateful to the community for their support, comments, advice, it helps to see from different points of view.