Orecchiette by existentialdread


I spent the afternoon making wholegrain pasta. Handmade orecchiette. I enjoy working the dough and then taking the time to form each piece of pasta by hand. It's deliberately inefficient and slow--so much quicker to open a packet, or even make a simpler pasta. We live in a world where we're always told to be efficient, work faster, do more, achieve more... but why? Why are we always so frantic? So we can be more "productive"? Making this pasta was fun, and gave me a sense of purpose. Working with my hands quieted the mind, like a little moment of meditation. I could have done "more" with the time, but frequently now I find myself wanting to do less. I'm happier without that frantic, anxious edge cutting away at me.

A .jpeg straight out of the camera, though with some adjustments to the preset variables to get the image how I like it. The light was diffuse sunlight from large windows, cast from a dense cloudy sky (it's raining today, again). I liked the subtle shadows it gave.
The thoughts behind the photograph make it so much more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
October 2nd, 2020  
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