Blurred Vision by farmreporter

Blurred Vision

Since my get-pushed challenge for the week was panning, I decided to stand in the ditch of a busy highway to take shots of passing traffic. I set the shutter speed at 60 - which in retrospect - was probably too slow for the passing traffic since it was all way too blurred.
Thank you, Filip, for the challenge, which, again, taught me another technical lesson.
Than you for the great challenge,Filip @rfilip . Here is my first attempt at panning,
August 1st, 2016  
Panning has always been very hard for me. Love the blur.
August 1st, 2016  
Hey Wendy. Your get pushed challenge this week is reflections off of water.
August 1st, 2016  
Very nice shot
August 1st, 2016  
Hi Wendy, I really like this, because it is almost the reverse of what I'd expect for a panning shot! So the bike is blurred and the background relatively still. It might not have been exactly what you were after, but I think it is an interesting shot never the less.

Panning shots, in my experience, are a tricky thing to do & I think always will have a very low hit rate. The trick is to time your movement to the speed of the object that is moving through the view finder. The shutter speed of 1/60 is probably spot on - you need the shutter speed slow enough that the background will blur as you move, but (because you are keeping pace with the movement) the bike will stay sharp. Hope that helps for next time :-)
August 1st, 2016  
The opposite of panning, a photo after my own heart!
August 1st, 2016  
Fantastic shot
August 1st, 2016  
Good try, I hated panning... ended up taking around 1,000 shots and still didn't really get a good one. Your shutter speed is one thing, you also need to focus on the moving target and move the camera along with the target. Well done for trying this though.
August 3rd, 2016  
This photograph makes me smile, on so many levels.
Fav, so I can find it again.
August 6th, 2016  
My first attempt looked like this put I didn't have the courage to post.
October 24th, 2016  
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