Raccoon Has Moved In by farmreporter

Raccoon Has Moved In

This raccoon, while no longer a true baby, is not fully grown either. Hubby found him (or her?) limping in one of our three sided shelters we use for sheep in the warmer weather.
Hubby knew that it was hurt badly and could not care for itself so he began to put out food and water for it until it can start hunting for itself once again.
It has been here for four days now, and no longer hisses at us when we go into the shelter but we still do not want to get too close to it.
Hubby says he is probably going to regret doing this, but he really does not like to see any creature suffer.
This shot was taken later in the evening with little light - the raccoon sleeps in the morning when the sun goes into the shelter.
I hope to get a better shot with better light when I can.
Could it become tame and not want to move out?
April 23rd, 2019  
That is what we am afraid of. But - I think that if we just watch for improvement and start cutting back on its food when s/he is better it will get hungry and go looking for food elsewhere. We will then cut back on its food gradually until we no longer feed it.
April 23rd, 2019  
Precious shot. Probably best to encourage the little guy to learn to feed himself - as tempting as it must be to want to take him in. Coons are cool.
April 23rd, 2019  
Such a wonderful shot of this very fortunate little being.
April 23rd, 2019  
what a great shot - and how kind to feed the injured animal
April 23rd, 2019  
Such a delightful capture - and how wonderful you are caring for an animal in the wild while it is distressed. fav
April 23rd, 2019  
How cute. A very humane thing to do.
April 23rd, 2019  
Ahhh, poor but very lucky animal!
April 24th, 2019  
That is such a sweet story
April 25th, 2019  
@farmreporter I am your get pushed partner this week. I would like to challenge you to choose your favorite 3 photos from your 30 day challenge with your drive shed and create a triptych from them.
April 28th, 2019  
They are so cute when they are this little!
April 29th, 2019  
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