Between the Lines by farmreporter

Between the Lines

Most headstones record the date a person was born and the date he died. History (his story) lays between the lines.
I remember a quote that spoke of the in-between the lines being filled with a time that tells the story. I wish I could find it!
For my get pushed challenge set by Vera @vera365 where I was to take any picture with the theme "History“. I was to be creative with both of subject and editing.
I LOVE what you did with this! Definitely creative all around, and also very poignant right now. Thank you for touching my heart with this one!
June 10th, 2019  
I find old graveyards fascinating, Vera @vera365 and always wonder about the lives of those who lived and died and are buried. What were their hopes and dreams? Were they loved and respected? Did they lead healthy lives or did they have to face every day in pain?
So much history in those old stones.
Thank you for the challenge!
June 10th, 2019  
old graveyards are really fascinating. whenever i find one, i examine the gravestones and imagine how the person looked like and the same questions as yours.

i love the dramatic effect of the light in this photo and that dof is rather delicious! aces!
June 10th, 2019  
So beautiful
June 10th, 2019  
A wonderful shot and great narrative. I too love all the mystery of graveyards.
June 10th, 2019  
very creative with the light and narrative
June 10th, 2019  
I love cemeteries and this is wonderful with the light.
June 10th, 2019  
I too find old graveyards fascinating. Lovely light on this.
June 10th, 2019  
There is a poem called "The Dash" by Linda Ellis that also talks about the dash being the important part because it represents the person's lived experience.
June 10th, 2019  
Beautiful shot!
June 10th, 2019  
@farmreporter This certainly fulfills the challenge, and I like the lighting that adds to the mystery! With my son sick, I haven't gotten around to do your challenge, although I lined up a couple of ideas. I hope I will get it this week - not for the competition anymore, but just to complete the challenge.
June 11th, 2019  
nicely captured for your challenge. I like the writing in relief on the right side of the stone obelisk.
June 11th, 2019  
Great composition and focus. Fabulous light.I like old cemeteries. They allow us to catch your breath and distance.
Wendy: I have a problem with ending the challenge of bw-41. Tumbnails do not stick to the post. How is it done?
June 11th, 2019  
Haskar - Congrats on winning the b&w challenge - so exciting!

I am mot sure how far you have gotten setting up the voting process so I will explain how I do it which I find really efficient.

The process of creating a voting discussion is quite easy actually and just involves much copy and pasting to a Word Document of some sort.

First, choose your finalists – can be 4, 5, or 6 – there is no rule as to how many or few you choose. Your challenge, your rules! I do try to comment on everyone’s entry while choosing the finalists but if you do not have the time, so be it. Again, your challenge, your rules.
As for choosing finalists, you can use any criteria you wish. Technically, ascetically, first timers you want to encourage, anything goes. You can mention why you chose it, but most people do not.
Once you have selected your finalists, open a word doc that you want to copy and paste to, click on your first finalist (can be in any order you so choose), type out their name and @name, open the embed code by clicking on the right arrow found to the right of the FAV’s star. Copy the whole embed code – it is long! – and paste below the name and @name on your word doc.
Repeat for all finalists. Do not forget to put numbers in front of their names for ease of voting. (and I have on occasion until someone mentions it during voting)
You can add a bit of introduction at the beginning of your word doc thanking everyone, and mentioning when voting ends, etc.
Now, go to Discuss under the task bar on top, click on it, click on Themes and Discussions, and open a New Topic on the top of the page.
Copy your whole word document and insert onto the New Topic, title the page, and click done (at least I think it says done).
Don’t worry if you have messed up because you can go back and edit anything in your new topic except the title (so don’t mess up the title – lol!)
Then – sit back and relax. Tally the votes when it is over, and announce the new winner. Tah-dah!! Yer dun!
June 11th, 2019  
Thank you, Wendy.
I had trouble sticking the thumbnail. But it has already gone. And so I learned a lot!
June 11th, 2019  
@haskar You really are a quick study! Your voting thread looks super.
Well done!
June 11th, 2019  
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