Look What I Can Do - Part 1 by farmreporter

Look What I Can Do - Part 1

Working with Layers and Masks

I cut back on 365 specifically so that I would have time to learn Photoshop. This was the first lesson.
I took an old flat lay photo I took to play around with.
1 - I turned the white roll of twine blue.
2 - I cloned the balloons and rotated them.
3- I added the text and put it below the brush, nutcracker, and apple silicer.
Rather lame - BUT I DID IT!!
April 30th, 2021  
Fun! And some new skills for your bag of tricks!
April 30th, 2021  
Awesome! Working with layers wasn't a problem for me, but I found the masks tricky. Once you get the hang of it you will love it!
April 30th, 2021  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond @featherstone26
Thank you both, I am pretty hyped up about learning PS. It's going to be baby steps but at least I will learn how to do it. And then - who knows - I may even be able to enter the WWYD and Composite challenges!
Layers and masks are okay so far though I am not sure about the clipping mask yet. I am sure that I will get to them down the road.
April 30th, 2021  
Wendy it took me a year to understand masks, and now I don't see why it took me so long. Once it clicks your going to fly!!!!!
April 30th, 2021  
I am doing a fabulous on line (and free!) course called 30 Days of Photoshop.
So far so good - will see how it goes. Tomorrow is all about adjustment layers.
April 30th, 2021  
Well I’m in awe....this is just very striking Wendy. Colours vivid & the precision of the articles pleasing to the eye.
April 30th, 2021  
So much fun
April 30th, 2021  
Looks like a lot of fun enjoy your new skill .
April 30th, 2021  
Great start. Keep em coming.
April 30th, 2021  
I took an on line course on photoshop during the past year too. If the one you're doing is on YouTube by PHLEARN, it's the same one I took. I sort of quit when he started talking about portraits, since I don't really do them. It's hard to remember it all, even though I took copious notes. But it's coming to mind more quickly. I still don't use the half of it.

Your photo turned out great. And you will get it.
April 30th, 2021  
Yes - it is the same course. I started it last year, took copious notes but then got busy and did not get any done. I am better organized this year and hope to get it done.
April 30th, 2021  
Far from lame, this is so great. Congratulations!
April 30th, 2021  
Well done you!
May 1st, 2021  
Fab collection of odds and sods, well done.
May 1st, 2021  
Well done. Learning Photoshop is so difficult and intimidating I find and struggle to learn it too.
May 5th, 2021  
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