L'Original Range Lighthouse by farmreporter

L'Original Range Lighthouse

As a country girl and farmer who is constantly on the lookout for photos of farm life and animals; Vikki @summerfield introduced me to a subject I had never considered.
She wanted to increase her portfolio of lighthouse photos so I did a search of lighthouses in our area. I discovered three within comfortable driving distance. Unfortunately, this was as close as we could get to this particular one.
That is a cute tiny light house. is it still in working condition? I expected seeing the lighthouse at the tip of the island.
September 4th, 2021  
Yes - it is still a working lighthouse.
I'm sure Vikki got a closer view of this but I wanted to make a pano of the shore.
September 4th, 2021  
@farmreporter - was this the lighthouse we were looking for when my french failed me miserably? i still can't believe i forgot what lighthouse was in french when i was asking the man. le phare!

this is a great pano, although i think there's a UFO at the end there on the right. aces!
September 4th, 2021  
Very nice pano! That light house is tiny!
September 4th, 2021  
Yes - this is the very same one. And the UFO at the end is actually a boat with the canvas on.
September 4th, 2021  
Awww a small red lighthouse!
September 4th, 2021  
A small lighthouse. Weren't you in Ottawa? Did you need French?
September 4th, 2021  
Vikki and I spent Sunday roaming around in my area and then I took her to the train in Ottawa on the Monday.
While there are many French people in this area, Ontario is an English speaking province so English is the main language.
September 5th, 2021  
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