Friendly Fellow by farmreporter

Friendly Fellow

This fellow (the same one standing over his friend in the previous shot) noticed that I was taking photos - and said came up to me with the comment
"I'm homeless and a loser."
He was a bit belligerent until I replied "You may be homeless but you are not a loser. God don't make any losers!"
He then changed his attitude, became friendly, and asked me to take his photo - so this definitely qualifies as a street candid that Dawn @dawn asked for me to do in the get pushed challenge.
Here is one street candid for you, Dawn. You are so right - I do not do many street candids - I am a bit too shy to do them!
May 14th, 2023  
I suppose this is the side of candid street photography that puts a lot of people off. I must admit I am not too keen on it personally.
May 14th, 2023  
Ooh Wendy he looks a little scary. You were very brave & a wise answer indeed. I suppose it could happen to anyone…. There but for the grace of God go I!
May 14th, 2023  
@farmreporter well done Wendy you sure did wonderfully well fav
May 14th, 2023  
That was very brave of you Wendy, well handled!
May 14th, 2023  
@happypat @Dawn @fbailey @carole_sandford
I did not consider him dangerous at all. His situation is sad, and although he has no home, he was actually willing to share what he had.
He was friendly, and quite respectful and charming. And he was pleased that I was willing to just talk to him. No foul language at all ...
May 15th, 2023  
Oh gosh! I, too, think it was a brave move. Nice the way you handled the situation.
May 15th, 2023  
He looks like he's giving you a lecture.
For your get pushed challenge, how about a reflection or shadow photo?
May 15th, 2023  
What a desperate individual. There are so many, unfortunately. You were good in talking to him, that’s what these people often look for
May 27th, 2023  
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