The Elfin Luminary Yoda by fearinnocent

The Elfin Luminary Yoda

"You must unlearn what you have learned. You will know good from bad, when you are calm, at peace, passive." ---- Master Yoda

Standing a mere 66 centimeters tall, Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, one of the senior members of the Jedi Council in the last days of the Galactic Republic, and arguably the wisest and most powerful Jedi Master in the Galaxy.


My cousin took me to see the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilms HQ in San Francisco. Pretty close from the Palace of the Art.
Thanks, now my son wants to go to SF!
May 12th, 2015  
@mastermek yeah you should take him. Are you or is he a big fanatic of Star Wars?
May 12th, 2015  
He's a fan alright. A Lego Star Wars fan mostly.
May 12th, 2015  
@mastermek Oh I see. There's a new movie coming right?
May 12th, 2015  
@mastermek wow from The Netherlands. I've been wanting to visit your country. I was just watching Amazing Race and they shot an episode there.
May 12th, 2015  
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