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Hello there! Thanks for dropping by :)

I'm a hobby landscape photographer (since 2015) ever since my work colleague introduced me to Thomas Heaton (who led me to discovering more great landscape photographers including but not limited to Simon Baxter and Andy Mumford). Occasionally I do some architecture, street or even wildlifephotography, depending on what I encounter each day. I will most likely utilise 365 as a place to be involve and developing my skills in a smaller community (as a one-process per day type). But perhaps when my winter break starts I might take up one per day image as I won't be under as much stress. We'll see how it goes!

My current goal is to develop my own style that I can be proud of while continue to honing my skills in landscape/nature photography.

I'm starting to curate my own portfolio of very specific work into themes/categories for easier sorting. Feel free to check it out here! http://finecphotos.portfoliobox.net :)