How could she.... by filsie65

How could she....

"I was sitting comfy and she tricked me into the basket. She took me to the horrid place and let the lady poke me and spike my neck then force a lump down my throat. Then she paid a fortune, brought me home and talked all sweet to me, as if that would make a difference. I'll sit here and ignore her until tea time."

(Poor Coco)
Anyway - back in the land of the humans... wanted to thank you for all your marvellous comments on George's little laser star - he and Cathy are away now but I know he'll be pleased to read them when he gets back.. and shows me how to do the long exposure. (How do teenagers know this stuff instinctively?!)
Because teenagers know everything. Just ask them.
What a cute Coco.
August 1st, 2012  
lol, sulking cat - hope she's OK

teenagers fiddle and they grew up with electronics which does stuff, not being told not to fiddle and poke and touch in case we broke things
August 1st, 2012  
Oh yes, poor Coco. I'm sure she'll give the cold shoulder for a while. If only she could know that you're doing that because you love her.
August 1st, 2012  
What a cute shot!!
August 1st, 2012  
Beautiful cat ... it reminded me of my daughter's trips to the vet with her cat, her "baby."
August 2nd, 2012  
I love this... I'm not really a cat person but she looks so great contrasted with the green of the grass. Excellent presentation. Well done!
August 2nd, 2012  
Aww, apologies are in order. Funny how cats hate to get in the carrier to go to the vet, but are more than happy to jump in the cat carrier to get away from him.
August 2nd, 2012  
She won't forgive you - till it's time for food!!
August 2nd, 2012  
lovely! black cat in the middle of the most coloured spot in nature:)
August 2nd, 2012  
Very nice capture and oh so funny story. Love it.
August 2nd, 2012  
cutie :)
August 2nd, 2012  
I can almost feel the 'sulk' from here!
I expect Coco will make the most of her opportunity to inflict guilt-ridden remorse on you but, after all, it's for her own good.
Once it's mealtime, she'll relent, I suspect ....
August 2nd, 2012  
I hope she doesn't hold a grudge too long.
August 2nd, 2012  
Awww, poor Coco. I love the soft focus surrounding her, it makes her stand out xx
August 2nd, 2012  
Too cute! She does look like she is glaring at you. :0)
August 2nd, 2012  
Oh, how cute! She does look like she is sulking!
August 3rd, 2012  
Cute cat, really does look like she's got the hump with you though!
August 4th, 2012  
lol great shot and super fun commentary (all at poor sad Coco's expense I'm afraid!).
August 5th, 2012  
Haha - she certainly telling you - and teenagers sure do know it all:)
August 6th, 2012  
poor Coco, they sure know how to let you know when they are not pleased :)
August 9th, 2012  
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